Jumping Ship without a Dingy (Quitting the Job: how to and survival guide)

I did it. On 1/17/18 at noon I met with the doctor that runs the practice and spoke with her about my resignation. Work was just terrible. It was a dead end job with a negative atmosphere and the only positive was a paycheck. It was affecting me at work and at home.

I talked to my boyfriend about this plan months ago and we kept revisiting to be sure that it would be okay. I double checked that morning, “I’m giving notice today, still okay?”. We confirmed details and I went to work ready to write my letter and meet to give notice.

I didn’t have a new job lined up, but work was too much and was really getting in the way of me finding a new job. “They” say it’s easier to get a job when you’re employed. Something like if you’re currently employed then you’re obviously employable. The reality is that job searching is an anxiety attack waiting to happen if you’re already employed- making up excuses for being late or leaving early for interviews or stepping out for calls that you have to take and running hundreds of feet away to be sure your coworkers don’t know it’s a phone interview. Moreover, I don’t know what’s wrong with the HR departments and recruiting/screening professionals but they always want to see you in person for an interview at 2pm on a Wednesday and don’t understand why, as an employed professional during regular business hours, you can’t make that work.

I’d had some good interviews, was waiting to hear from a position I really wanted, and had some phone and in-person interviews lined up for the following week. My boyfriend had started work so we were going to be okay financially and we agreed that I could put in my two weeks notice and if by the 25th I didn’t have a for-sure new job lined up, I would just get a part time job at a thrift store or any multitude of the fast food shops hiring.

Anyway, working part time at most would help me job search and interview more flexibly as well as get me out of everything related to my current employment.

But who quits a job when they don’t have a new one? Someone who was laid off and survived. Someone who planned financially with their significant other to be sure it would work or saved up for the potential of a new job taking three months to find. Someone not above working an entry level job part time if it made ends meet on a tight budget until the right job hired them. I had a plan.

I’d also done some research on quitting without a new job lined up. It’s not as uncommon of a practice as I thought. And I had faith in myself, if I left the universe would take me seriously and would throw me a bone.

So, that morning I wrote and printed my resignation letter.

I asked to meet just before lunch and when we met I told her that “This is a little hard for me. The reason I asked to meet with you is that I’ve decided to resign from my position here. I wanted to have a chance to discuss what that would look like. This folder has the formal letter with my last day being January 31st to make payroll a little easier.” She was really understanding.

Here’s the thing, nothing about this job was enlightening or career developing, I was leaving because it was a bad job with unmotivated, lazy, and often moronic coworkers. Don’t say that when you leave. Don’t burn bridges. Say it was great and that you hate to leave. Say you got an offer you can’t resist and it’s hard to go, even if you don’t and leaving it easy. Assure them that you’ll finish projects, and finish them. I even offered to, and will follow through, do our reconciliation for January which would be due Feb 5th and would just be a disaster for someone else to take on with no direction.

I was a little lighter after that conversation. Let’s say the tenseness in my shoulder when from ten pounds to two, and then I thought about having to tell my coworkers and having to be there for another two weeks still and it went up to six pounds. Doable, but not great. I told a coworker who’s a friend outside of work as well about resigning when we took our lunch together, and I went down to five pounds; I didn’t really care how my other coworkers would react.

Five pounds of pressure and anxiety down, five to go.

I was driving home listening to the radio switching between NPR and music, and then I stuck with music because some great songs were on- classic country and rockin 80’s jams. I was having one of the best radio playlists ever. And then my phone rang and interrupted one of my favorite country songs but I took the call; it was the job I had been done with the interview process for and had been waiting to hear back from. I held my breath and waited for another, “We just wanted to thank you for applying and while we went with another candidate, we’d love to keep your resume on file”, and then she said they’d like to offer me the position!! I listened to her next few comments about slight adjustments in the shift, pay rate, and who I’d report to while stifling a scream of excitement. She circled back to the offer and asked if I needed time to think or if I wanted to accept now and I accepted. Then I screamed a couple guttural, happy, shrill screams and sang to the rest of Walking on Sunshine before I called my husband told him I got the job, then I was apologized for not double checking with him first but he said that our previous talks about it made it no big deal since it was a standing agreement that if I got the offer I could accept, so he congratulated me and we were all excited and happy, and then I called my mom and dad, sent texts to my friend, and drove home the rest of the way with zero weight in my anxiety space.

I showed the universe I was serious and it provided. I had faith in myself, my abilities, my resume and interview skills, and something came through. Not just something, the one I wanted. I was so happy. Elated, excited, at ease, content, positive.

We went out to dinner, went to bed at a reasonable hour, and I slept like a rock. I hadn’t slept like that in ages. I woke up at 5:30 am and was more rested than other nights where I had spent ten hours tossing and turning.

I’m still walking on air.

So do it. Make your quit plan, be ready to take the fast food part time job, and if you really work at it and you apply like mad and tailor your resume and write the cover letters and take the calls and interviews, the right job will come. I know I got lucky that it happened in the same day, but part of me still thinks my faith and determination on following through with quitting is what drove the right outcome to come sooner.

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      1. I start the new one 2/11. So don’t this week Thurs. Friday I have drug test/paperwork- general HR stuff- for the new job. Then I get a week off (which I plan to use for mostly nothing and me time and recouping), then orientation on the 11th!

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