Spiritual, Relig-ish

I recently read Faith by Spikosauropod and felt such a connection to what they said.

I also realized I haven’t posted about my approach to religion or how I practice my spirituality and the struggles I’ve dealt with as a working, American, tired, depressed, anxiety-ridden, busy, preoccupied Jew.

My work/life balance in general needs some work and I’d like to re-prioritize my religion into that balance.

I’m Jewish. I haven’t found a temple here that I like, though I’ve not really put in the effort, and I’d like to. I tried Moishe House a few times and it felt either cliquey or for singles. My friend has agreed to go with me so hopefully that helps. Last time said friend and I hung out she mentioned Jewish Colorado and gave me the link and we’re going to go to some events together; which I’m now realizing is likely the Jewish Federation local chapter that my aunt has been suggesting I get involved in. I was a part of the Chabad and attended Hillel with friends every now and again during my undergrad. There are plenty of opportunities to find a Jewish crowd and a place to observe the high holidays, I just need to go and find my place(s).

I’m also very spiritual. I talk to G-d in my own ways, believe that there are unseen plans and a balance in the Universe, and have faith that things are how they should be and will be as they will be.

I believe that finding religion, G-d, gods, or no god at all is a step of finding yourself and how to approach all that life throws at you. I think I’m still working on how I tackle obstacles and studying the vast number of religions out there may help me find other tools.

I’ve also decided I want to study other religions and don;t really know where to begin. I don’t want to just read the Bible, the Koran, or the Bhagavad Gita, I want to learn and understand and know the traditions and practices.
I’ve started with Wicca, or I will. I’ve purchased Wicca: 3 Manuscripts and Witchcraft for Beginners. A contact from college practices Wicca and she’s likely to answer any questions I may have.
I am drawn to Wicca as it is element based and is flexible in theism.

There are many religions I want to explore and understand and potentially add to my spiritual practice, though I know that prioritizing the one I already uniquely approach is a foundation to exploring others.

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