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Bad Things Come in Threes

Bad Thing #1

First, I went to an amazing event. It was great, I was on schedule to be on time to work, and as I was driving I saw something fluttering in my windshield. I thought maybe it was a ticket for parking in a bad spot at the hotel, but between glances at the car in front of me, I realized is was a small, lined sheet with handwriting.  I stayed in the slow lane, praying the whole time that it wouldn’t flutter away. I got to the parking lot at work, got out and had a mini internal debate over whether to read the note or check out my car. I opted for reading the note. It had a first name, phone number, and an apology for her son bumping my bumper while parking. (I had backed in and I guess as he was pulling around me to park, my passenger side front bumper had been sacrificed.) I texted my boyfriend, then I called my work, let them know I was there but not able to come up yet, explained my bad luck. I called the number, left the most awkward, “Hi, my name’s Alexa, you hit my car, thanks for the note, feel free to text me the insurance info. K, bye.” type of message and then waited five or so minutes before sucking in the anxiety of having to fix a car I don’t even like, for the second time in less than a year, and going upstairs.

The woman who holds the policy ended up texting back, I talked to the insurance, got an estimate, sent it to them, and then never heard from them.
After a couple weeks I called my insurance. My insurance, Geico, said if I paid they’d cover my rental and then go after the company for reimbursement for me so I paid. Then I called Geico a few weeks later when I hadn’t heard from them and they said that since my cost was less than my deductible, they would not be contacting the company of the woman who hit me. I was livid. I cried. I am leaving Geico.

I called the insurance company of the at-fault, re-sent the estimate, and they are very pleasant and once they get the pictures from the person who did the estimate, they will be sending me a check. *fingers crossed* *knock on wood*

Identity Theft

Someone is using my credit card. Well, they were.
I have American Express and their customer service is amazing. I thought I lost my Amex a few years back so I had them cancel the number and send me a new card.
A few weeks ago I had Uber and Lyft Charges, and I haven’t used those services in many months. I freaked out more than I probably should have, called American Express who bumped me around a bit, called my boyfriend when I got the “we’re looking into it and will call back” and waited to hear the bad news.
Amex called back, they explained it was on the old card which they know I had cancelled, reimbursed for those charges that went through, and denied any pending/future charges to the old number, and essentially fixed everything.

Moehill -> Mountain -> Moehill -> No hill.

Sick for DAYS

Preface: Before moving out here I was only sick two or three times a year, now I feel like I’m “coming down with something” or actually sick every other month at least. I also am a quick recoverer; I had the flu and was better in forty-eight hours without any prescription meds.

I had a mildly sore throat for the week leading up to my birthday. On my birthday (a Wednesday) I was so pale and my throat sounded terrible enough that I was told to leave early. I was worse on Thursday and I saw a clinic doctor who said the only thing that would fix it was home remedies and some OTC meds, but that I should rest and stay home from work that day and possibly the next. I went in on Friday and was immediately told to leave, go home, and rest. It was appreciated that I came in but no one wanted whatever was ailing me and my voice couldn’t handle calls anyway. I slept all day from Wednesday through Sunday and was at about seventy-five percent on Monday. I went in, took as few calls as possible, slept early, and continued my OTC drug regimen. I repeated this same scenario through the rest of the week, and the next. I was sick. I was truly exhausted, stuffy, sore throat, miserable for three weeks. I have never been under the weather for that long in my whole life. I’m not sure if the stress of the other situations put me through that, all I know is it finally kick started me into taking ALL of my vitamins again.

I’m on Biotin, One-A-Day Womens, Vitamin C, and a few other doctor-recommended vitamins*. This, along with my continued efforts to eat better and exercise more** – which should be more effective this time since my boyfriend is also going to be eating better and exercising and is no longer taking six classes at a time for his Master’s – will hopefully lead to fewer illnesses and swifter recoveries.

*I’m not a doctor. Don’t take things because I am. Always consult a medical professional before taking any OTC medicines or vitamins.
**I’m not a doctor. Don’t do things because I am. Always consult a medical professional before changing your diet or exercise regimen.


Bad things come in threes. They just do. Maybe it’s just me, maybe because three and nine are my lucky numbers and bad things coming in nine’s would just be too much effort for the Universe.

As bad as my bad things are, as much as I hate that they set me back in financial or fitness goals, or affect my happiness in the moment, I can reflect and say I’m in a good place with evidence of my ability to bounce back. I am thankful for a work environment that supports me when I need a sick day or to make a few calls because of an accident. I am blessed and inexplicably happy to have a boyfriend who takes care of me when I’m sick, listens when I ramble like a crazy person, and reassures me when I think I’m failing.
I will continue to improve. Bad things will continue to happen – probably in threes.

I will be okay. (And so will you.)

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Continuing to Fail ’til it leads to Success

So, lately I feel like I’m doing a lot of failing, and failure is okay. So I’d like to address what the attempt was that lead to the shortcoming, the shortcomings themselves, and chances I’ve taken that lead to success- or failure and then success and then failure and then success.

  • Graduating and my job search: As two of my cousins hit the point where they are considering life after graduating, or life after a nice detour after graduating, I think back about when I graduated from my undergrad degree. I tried really hard to get a job anywhere but home, but LinkedIn wasn’t quite what it is today and job boards weren’t either. The sites that had job opportunities through my school ended up having either highly specialized positions or sales positions disguised with other titles. I didn’t want to stay in my college town so I moved home, was jobless for a few months, and then got one bad job, on to the next, and on to the next where I would work my way up and over in a great company that really valued it’s employees. I was, in this position, finally using my education and after a year decided to enroll in further education and get my Master’s, and they were pretty flexible.
  • Leaving Florida: I never wanted to stay in Florida. I just wanted to go, anywhere, but I had to stay when I first graduated due to the above, but now I had experience and was almost done with my MHA. I also had a boyfriend, who, at the time went from good to not so great to neglectful and when we broke up, I really had no reason to stay. I did some narrowing, decided on a new state/city, and left. It was great! I loved it instantly. new job, new home, new sites, new people, and a fresh start. That is, until I got “let go”.
  • Being laid off: Great job should have hired me as a contract position. They needed someone to lay the groundwork for an HR professional with lost of experience but instead, hired me then “reorganized management” and let me go. In November. The expensive time of year where plane tickets and presents get bought and no one is hiring except the service industry. I put on my big girl pants, worked a few jobs, landed a new – real- job in January, and left or scaled back the other jobs.
  • Getting the new job: I applied a lot. A lot. To anything and everything I was qualified for that would hold a decent title and pay a decent salary. I got a lot of responses too. Mostly negative ones or the cold shoulder, some rounds of interviews that I didn’t make the cut for. There was a post for a job I wasn’t qualified for at one of the biggest healthcare systems in the area. I reached out to the recruiter on the post, quick elevator speech/cover letter and my resume and she hooked me up with an interview. I nailed it, got the job, went through the motions, and then got bored because I was overqualified. I got a new new job and I love it. I work for a small specialized medical office and my coworkers are great. I’m good at my job, really good at it, and had I not worked for the previous job I wouldn’t have had one peice of experience they were looking for. At that job I was overqualified, therefore underpaid, and happy but not 100% in my element. We can mark that a C- – so not failure, but not great; that did lead me to where I am now, though.
  • Dating: I, when I got out here, also started dating. That sucked. I went on so many super duper most-awkward-thing-that-has-ever-happened-ever dates. I’d download an app (or three), go on some dates, decide dating was stupid and I should focus on me, then delete apps, and repeat a month later. I finally made the resolution to use my Super Like in the Tinder App. I figured maybe those great catches were’y sure about my investment level in the “likes”, plus, it would tell them I super liked them and maybe give me an edge in getting “liked” back. Failed dates, non-returns on even the super-likes, being ghosted, and a lot of let-down later a really cute guy I super-liked liked me back. He thought maybe I super-liked him by mistake and we hit it off. Our in-app conversations were getting sparse so I let him know that I wanted to meet him and gave him my number. We both apologized about how terrible we were at using the app for communicating, met for our first date (which was amazing) and really hit it off. Now, we live together.
  • Dieting/Schedule change: I’m not even going to bother linking these related posts.
    I have tried so many times and so many different ways to diet, exercise more, or to change my schedule. Now, the week after Cameron’s mom visited and my parents visited and I thought I could really get a handle on things, I caught my dad’s cold. I was so sick I slept through all of Sunday, woke up with a cold sore Monday, am currently on tea, chicken broth, Nyquil and Dayquil to try to avoid getting any worse, and definitely cannot get out of bed without at least 8 hours of sleep. Working out before work is not feasible and part of me thinks working out while sick might not be a great choice. This – trying to get my body back in shape and on a schedule, one is failure after failure for me.
    But, Cameron thinks I still look *____instert compliment here___*, and life happens. I do go to spinning and/or yoga at least once a week and the weather is finally changing to the point that I keep hoping for a 50* or warmer morning so I go for a run. I’m also signed up for a 5k, a 10k, and am considering a virtual race where participants run 100mi over the course of three months.

I guess, in general, in all those moments I felt like crying, did cry, felt exhausted and depressed, and just wanted to give up. And maybe I did; maybe I did give up for a few seconds or a few days, but then reality set in, my drive to not only survive but thrive kicked in, and I took one more step (or ten) and got the (sometimes small) win. I’m still failing in some ways, lots of ways, but also feeling so much happier and successful on a regular basis. And I’m okay with failing, especially since I now recognize my strength to get through it and the strength I have in the people in my corner when my own strength is not enough.

“What do we do when we fall off the horse? We get back on.”
– Maury Ballstein, Balls Models

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Things I definitely don’t do…

  • Lose track of time and completely miss my writing time for my blog posts.
  • Have awkward moments when hanging up with people I really wish that didn’t just happen with.
  • Trip over the same item at least 5 times before deciding to put it away.
  • Check the mail/office multiple times for something that was actually in a box with another item because I didn’t check since I knew what the other item in the box was. (Hint- bird pellets weigh a decent amount and make a certain noise when shaken which make them perfect for masking light, small objects like drip pans.)
  • Febreeze the room in a poor direction that locks me in until the freshness settles.
  • Shave only one leg or one armpit while in the shower so I must either be asymmetrical in a horrible way, get back in and have to dry off with a now wet towel, or shave in the sink. (“You’re a towel!” – Towelie, South Park)
  • Look for my cell phone while I’m on it.
  • Look for my keys which are in my hand.
  • Open a book I am reading on my tablet in my phone app, read any number of pages, open it back on the tablet and read any amount of words from a few to a page before realizing I didn’t sync to the new “start” page.
  • Pack lunch for myself and my boyfriend, remind him to bring his, and leave mine at home.
  • Wake up at an ungodly hour because I’m thirsty. Wake up two hours later at an equally ungodly hour because I have to pee.
  • Pack for a trip, pack everything. Leave out orthotics to make sure I wear them in my airport shoes. Get to airport, through security, to terminal, before realizing orthotics were left behind.
  • Do bank account math to pay bills, etc., and make sure I have $100 to pay an $80 bill so there’s still money left and a pending shipment from some small select company ships, charges $30, and ruins my math. (It’s fine, that’s what savings are for, but no one likes surprises. Some day I like to think I’ll be charged when I buy the things.)
  • Keep tea bags in my purse in a ziploc bag because who knows when a non-caffeinated hot beverage emergency will present itself.
  • Organize my clothes on the bed so I can make single trips to the drawers, put clothes away, and realize I missed a clean laundry pile.
  • Say “I love you” to a coworker when I hang up because I just go off the phone with my boyfriend three minutes ago and have only answer a trizillion calls that day. (She laughed, it’s fine.)
  • Refer to a patient’s wife as his mom on the phone because it’s my twenty-fourth call in the last five minutes. (Also fine, she also laughed.)
  • Answer my personal phone in my work voice with my work lines. (“Thanks for calling… crap, hi, sorry.”)
  • Refer to anyone and everyone with the wrong title or name because my mind moves too fast in the wrong direction causing awkward moments more than I wish it would. (Like, maybe never would be nice?)
  • Send myself timed texts with reminders because reasons.
  • Say “hang on” on a voicemail before hanging up because the person the message is for is on the other line calling me.
  • Pick off my nail polish because I never remember to buy nail polish remover.
  • Have two small boxes full of clothing that needs fixing/tailoring that “I swear I’m gonna do this weekend.”
  • File last month’s reconciliation the day I start this month’s.
  • Grab a pen from our pen drawer, put it out so everyone can order their meal choice for lunch, grab orders and pen to my office two hours later. Repeat x10 before realizing only because the 11th unnecessarily acquired pen won’t fit in my pen cup.

But I am improving… Acknowledgement is the first step, yah? This is kind of  like that.

Also, none of these things are terrible, and now you’re not the only person you know who doesn’t have these kinds of things happen. Ever. Definitely.

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Takin care of Business And Workin’ Overtime

*Sorry this is late – forgot to push “post”*
* Please read in a Wednesday voice (as is yesterday, not Adams)*

So Cameron (boyfriend) and I are leaving tomorrow afternoon to go on a vacation and visit my family and friends in the Fort Lauderdale (FL) area and I am trying to get literally everything done at work before we go so I don’t come back to a metric butt-ton of backlog and catch-up.

So, I worked a normal hours Monday, started another load of laundry, folded that and addressed our last two loads of laundry that hadn’t been put away. I organized it all into what drawer it belonged in, and put all my stuff away and couldn’t remember where he kept certain things so I left it on the bed.
Tuesday I got to work an hour early (clocked in 8am), skipped lunch (ate on my 10 min break) and left on time (5:30pm) and I got way more than caught up- even with some scheduling setbacks. So caught up that at 3 I had run out of things to do, asked my coworkers if they needed help with anything, and started doing our “back up work” which is our busy-work that’s helpful but not necessary and is no one’s actual responsibility. Got home, did dishes, swept and swiffered over 50% of our apartment (the foot-trafficked areas including the bathroom), cleaned the kitchen, shook our all the rugs (2 bathroom ones, one welcome-indoor mat), cooked chicken that I’d been marinating (lunches for us for Weds) and made myself dinner. I also treated myself to a glass of wine.
Today I got in at 7:35am, did take a lunch, and am leaving at 5- treating myself to a spin class. I am still super caught up and even though I seem to have sprained/bruised my right pointer finger (my mouse finger) I still seem to be maintaining a good level of productivity.

I feel like there are three options for vacation in America:

  1. Prep like cray and hope you make enough headway that you don’t have to play catch up or work overtime when you get back
  2. Work while on vacation – which I believe is completely unacceptable
  3. Return to so much stress in trying to make up for lost time that you may as well not even have vacationed.

I think option one is the best option and am hoping that my overtime is worth it. I have the hours needed for vacation, so this isn’t a “well, if I work two extra hours, then I only need to use 10 hours of PTO” situation. My coworkers are also pretty great in that if something on my end really needs to be done, they’ll do it. I work in a small office and the last thing I want to do is say “‘Kay bye, have fun picking up my slack while I’m gone!”. Plus, being in a small office there’s only so much they can do; we all wear multiple hats and are generally pretty busy.
Home-life wise, Cameron’s been trying to catch up on homework so he doesn’t have to do it while we vacation and is in midterms which means tests, midterm papers, and the start of group projects. He helps around the house, and especially if I ask him to do something, but I don’t have homework or things I bring home with me that need to be done so I’d rather take care of the house-stuff for vacation prep.

So far, in prep, we have the apartment, our clothes are clean so we can have whatever we want to pack, I have loaded up my kindle with a couple plane movies and have my books I’m currently reading, and all that’s left is to pack tonight.

At work I have a few more documents to re-name, some calls to make, and then I’m all set to go. I do have to approve time while I’m gone (for payroll) but it’s quick and simple and I don’t mind.

I just wonder if this is what it’ll always be like- stress and prep and overtime for vacation- or if one day I’ll get to work, vacation, and return to a normal workload. I also wonder if all this prep will be for nothing; if I’ll still return to a steaming pile when I return.

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Loss of a Pet

I got home from the gym in a great mood. I went to the bird room, took Max out for some pets and to make lunch for the day, and then went back in to refill waters and food bowls.

I thought he was sleeping, then I went to refill his food and water and Max yelled and he didn’t move. I pet him and he didn’t move. I yelled for my boyfriend, “Cameron!! Cameron there’s something wrong with Pico!” he came running, started prying him off his doughnut, I started crying, and told me he was still warm. Pico was moving so slow, something was so wrong. I called my coworker and told her I’d be late that something was wrong with one of my birds.

I thought maybe he needed water so I filled a cup to the brim and we put his face in it, then we ran the shower and I put Max in a safe place and I called an animal hospital, where the automated message said to call “this number” for emergencies and I had to re-dial because I didn’t know I needed a pen. Still crying. Got the number, rinsed off, put on clothes that didn’t smell, and started driving with my baby in a hand towel.

Six minutes in to my ten minute drive, Pico stopped moving and he felt so hard and so cold and his eyes weren’t blinking and his tongue was practically laying out of his beak and I knew he was gone.
I started screaming and bawling and I called Cameron. I called him on the phone and I screamed his name and I begged him to pick up. No answer. Again. No answer. Again. No Answer. Crying, screaming, feeling hopeless stuck in traffic wondering how my bird could just leave me like this. We were so close, and he was already gone. He called me back, I yelled at him that Pico was dead and I didn’t know what to do . He said I still needed to go to the animal hospital. I did, and after about a minute they came back in and confirmed my worst dread; he didn’t make it. Cameron finished putting Max’s cage elsewhere and was on his way. I texted my coworker that my bird had died. I cried harder.

A nurse came out with Pico and I looked at her, looked at him, started crying and asked her if she could just keep him back there “‘Til my boyfriend gets here. I can’t, I’m sorry, I just can’t see him like this again right now”. And then another nurse came in and gave me a hug and told me that we had at least given him a good home. And then the doctor came in and I asked if she knew what happened and how we could find out why he was gone. She said we could do a necropsy and I told her that I’d make decisions when Cameron got there.

Then another nurse came back in and asked if I wanted his ashes back. I told her I didn’t know, that Cameron would decide when he got there.

All these people and all these questions and I just wanted to curl in a ball and hide and cry and I wanted Pico back and I wanted to be alone and I wanted Cameron and I couldn’t stop crying.

Cameron got there and I told him I was sorry and I cried a lot and he was so much stronger than me and he made all the decisions and we paid for the shipment for the necropsy and gave them our address for billing and then I cried some more. I went home, told my coworker I couldn’t come in, made an appointment for Max to be checked out, got in PJ’s and just sulked and cried. Cameron came home, we took Max to the vet, he was okay and I was so happy and still so worried.

A little less than a week later we got the necropsy results and they were inconclusive. We don’t know why he passed but they said  it wasn’t anything contagious or environmental; which meant Max would be okay. Except I have no closure. I don’t know why Pico was taken from us and without an answer, all I do it worry about Max.

I never saw Pico again. Then, a few days ago, Cameron came home with some packages. He lifted up a small brown box and said, “This is Pico.” and I cried some more. Then, yesterday, I looked at the 3″X3″x3″ cardboard box with postage stamps, picked it up, held it tight, and started crying again.

When Cameron got home I told him we couldn’t keep Pico in a box anymore.

He told me he was going to open the box and I told him I was sorry but that I couldn’t be there when he opened it, so he took it in the bird room, came out with a small silver thing and I asked what it was. He said, “It’s an urn. I’s Pico.” and handed it to me slowly. I took it and I started crying. He held me while I cried for a bit, then I looked at him and cried some more and I said “It’s so small. He’s gone.” and cried some more. I told him I don’t know what to do with him and started rattling off everything you can do with ashes from burying them to turning them into a diamond or a firework. And then I handed him back and he said “I think for now I just want to set him with his doughnut in the cage”, I said okay and he took the doughnut down from hanging, laid it on the floor of the cage and set the urn in the middle. I cried some more.

Even as I’m writing I can’t stop crying. I just miss him and I hurt and I’m sorry because I don’t know why he’s gone and I didn’t get him there fast enough and I could’ve checked on them before I went to the gym and maybe he’s be okay. I can’t stop blaming myself and missing him and being scared for Max and I’m just sad and miserable and depressed and I know it hasn’t even been two weeks but I don’t know when I’ll feel reminiscent instead of miserable.

I just hurt.
Maybe letting this out will help.

I love you, Pico. You were a good bird, a great big brother to Max, and a twinkle in Cameron’s eye. I miss you.

Dieting: Mixing Two Diet Plans with a Twist

I have been trying to lose weight for about two months now. I estimate my weight gain is because I was injured and had to take a lot of time (6 months) off of my usual workout schedule. Also, potentially because I’ve been medically directed to skip the placebo week of my 28-day birth control packets; so I’m always on active pills which has been known to cause weight gain.
In either case, I’m usually comfortable at 115 lbs even with muscle (mind you, I’m a petitely framed 5’0″), skinniest is about 100, and for the two months that I’ve been trying to eat fairly healthy and definitely have kicked up my exercise, I’ve been stuck at a jiggly 125 lbs.

This changes now.
As of 1/30, starting with breakfast, I am on a diet; well, merging two diet concepts to make them work for me for long-term eating habit changes.

One concept I am working with is to cut carbs, which seems obvious. I plan to allow myself potatoes, sweet potatoes, and corn (which I think is a starch, not a carb) on an infrequent basis but am cutting out the very obvious carbs like bread, carby/empty snacks like chips, candy, and the like.
I plan to keep this up very strictly for one month. When my month is up, I will decide how frequently to work these in.

Another diet plan is going vegetarian. Most diet plans that suggest people like me who simply refuse to go full vegetarian try cutting meat one day a week, maybe two. With my intended workout schedule of 5 days a week, I think it’s too risky and potentially detrimental to cut out meat. I realize there are protein substitutes but I need to uncomplicate my meals, not make them harder.
As such, I’ve remodeled this to cutting out meat for breakfast and lunch while eating a meat-hearty dinner.
I plan to keep this part of the diet up for longevity with maybe 3 exception meals a month after the first month.

I am also cutting out dairy where noticeable- like opting out of cheese on salads and butter when not used for cooking (ex, ordered my sweet potato requesting they not serve it with the usual butter).

Essentially, I will be eating fruits, vegetables, and/or eggs for breakfast and lunch and then a 1.5/2 serving helping of meat (or fish) for dinner with a single serving of veggies.

In case you’re interested in my actual food on this diet, I will be exporting my log from fitbit once I have enough data that it seems worth it.
In making my diet work, 85%ish of my fruits and veggies are canned, and my proteins are mostly going to come from ground turkey, sausage/brats, and chicken bought from Costco and then frozen until needed.
I bring a two cans of each (fruit/veggies) to work, freeze (in can) the fruit for 30-45 minutes so it’s cold, and if whatever we’re ordering doesn’t have a good option*, I eat my cans of veggies. My “lunch bag” – a tote- is pretty heavy, but I think it’s gonna be worth it.

(*I work at a doctor’s office so drug reps bring us lunch almost every day.
For money-saving purposes, if I can order something diet appropriate it just makes sense to order rather than eat from my own pocket … err, pantry.)

On Day 1 I explained to my coworkers my new diet- in much shorter terms of course- and am already catching praise for my willpower. So far I’ve already turned down crab rangoons (which are one of my favorites) and have walked by our candy bowls many times without grabbing any. I drink lots of water and when I need a sweet fix I have hot tea, sometimes with honey.

So here’s to my new diet still holding up, and hopefully a month of really sticking to the plan and a long term change for the healthier.
If you’ve got any tips on curbing cravings or recipes you think I should try, please comment below!

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Radical Schedule Change: days 3-9

See previous days and explanation here

Day 3: 1/25

Slept “in” til 7ish, went to a scheduled previously scheduled Dr’s appt before work and got told I probably have a viral infection. Needless to say, waking up early will be on hold until I’m better.

Day 4: 1/26

Still sick. I think yesterday was about the same as today. All kinds of miserable but no fever and since I have my own office, I’m not worried about making everyone else sick. Presenteeism (or showing up even when one should stay home) is a problem in most offices, but in this case, I shouldn’t still be contagious and I told my coworkers to steer clear of my office for the day, just in case. I also left an hour and a half early because my throat was so sore and my coworker said I looked worse than this morning. I went home, turned the heat up, and bundles up.

Day 5: 1/27

Slept it, took Nyquil, slept again, Netflix bined some Grace and Frankie, and napped a lot while eating soup and drinking gatorade. This whole waking up early thing isn’t happening for a while.

Day 6: 1/28

Still not better. I think I’m over the worst of it, but I slept ’til 8 and will let myself sleep in ’til 7 or so tomorrow.

Day 7: 1/29

Well, I’m not all better, but I’m hoping today is the last of it. I slept in ’til 7 and will try waking up at 5:15 tomorrow so as not to shock my sick self too much. I’m hoping a morning workout may also help pump the rest of this virus out of my body.

Day 8: 1/30

I woke up at 5:15, went to the gym, and got some things done around the house. I think  I was too excited to get back into things to realize I was still a little sick. Also had mad sneezes, like 20 per hour, after working out which is new. I was so drained when I got home that by 8pm I was ready for bed; which is not normal.
I also, however, had the world’s craziest day at work with a lot of personal errands to run, and barely had time to eat anything which probably didn’t help.
I’ve decided to sleep in tomorrow to recoup and try again Thursday.

Day 9: 1/31

Slept in, got up around 6:30 and felt a little under the weather again (stuffy/scratchy. Packed a gym bag and did some things around the house, will be waking up at 5/5:30 tomorrow. Still not sure how to tackle Friday since my mom flies in at 9pm and we’re going out when she lands, but I think I can still wake up at 5:30 and pull the night off. So maybe the aim for this week (well, Thursday and Friday pending I keep this virus at bay) will be 5:30 and then I’ll kick it up to 4:30am next week.


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