Reddit Threads that I Love

Reddit is an amazing place where real people get together, usually moderated for everyone’s protection. Questions and answers, help in specific or broad ways, and sometimes just cute or pretty pictures. You can find me on Reddit as u/alexag0509.

r/guineapigs – I get to ask questions about my cavis and also see pictures of other guinea parents.

r/miata – Seeing old school or suped up versions of my 2014 really fun; plus I get to read some technical Q&A.

r/birbs – Birds doing fun things

r/pornhubcomments – Hear me out, most of the time it’s actually good clean fun or positive; other times is dirty but not the way you’d think. The “this should be reported for nudity” ones make me laugh every time!

r/woooosh – Things going over people’s heads.

r/antiMLM – Have #BossBabes been “inviting” you to their “parties”, recruiting or selling to you from their “own” business, do huns try to tell you they make “tons” of money then show you a monthly check for $10-75? Go here. Get your laugh on, find some snarky remarks, and stay away from those not-quite-pyramid schemes.

r/minimalism – I’m not saying I’ll ever be a true minimalist, but this has made me realize how much excess I have and be able to find real ways to dial it back.

r/natureismetal – Amazing things in nature. From smaller animals destroying their would-be predators to beautiful insects, spiders, and bugs that will make you second guess the things that creep you out.

r/politics – I don’t know which news stories to trust so when I don’t want to turn to humans I know, I turn to Reddit. I read a headline, all kinds of comments, and get many sides and views of a single topic.

Got a hobby? There’s a thread for that! r/reading r/writing r/sewing…. and on and on and on!

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1 thought on “Reddit Threads that I Love

  1. I follow r/minimalism, too! I don’t think I’ve ever posted there, though. It’s mostly nice to see how other people pare down their possessions to what they actually need/use/find meaningful.

    That r/pornhubcomments sub is great. I never would have looked it up without your disclaimer. Haha.

    If you like stunningly gorgeous landscape photography, I highly recommend r/earthporn. I promise it’s totally work safe despite the title.


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